Trendy Colors

Here are some of our colors professionally curated to work in any space.

Think of places and spaces you love for color inspiration.

Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange have an energizing effect. Blue, green, and gray are calming.

Be sure to test a paint swatch first in multiple spots in the room. 

Consider how morning light will look with a paint color compared to the glow of your lampshade at night.

Good quality paint has better pigments and a more livable finish, Our paints will offer you that and more.

 When rooms open to one another, avoid choosing radically different colors.

 utilize one color with different tints and shades. 

Layer bold colors with mid tones and neutrals to balance color in a room. 

Colors close together on the color wheel are analogous and will make a calm room. 

 Colors that are farther apart are complementary and add drama.

 The real secret is to choose colors you can live with and will love to come home to.