Vinyl Matt Emulsion

Novel Paint - Vinyl Matt Emulsion


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Product Specification

A copolymer based emulsion paint, it gives maximum protection on interior and exterior surfaces and produces a high opacity smooth matt finish without leaving brush marks.


Color Range A wide range of colors.
Finish Matt
Spreading Capacity 11-14 per liter at 40 microns DFT
Drying Time Recoatable after 4 hours
Uses Can be used on all new and previously painted surfaces e.g. plaster, concrete, building boards etc.
Application By brush, spray gun or roller


Painting Instructions

1. Thinning and mixing Thin with tap water to the right consistency.
1 (a). For new plaster or concrete i). All nibs, loose materials and efflorescence should be removed, small cracks are filled and smoothed down to ensure the surface is clean and dry For priming apply 1 coat of matt emulsion thinned with water to normal working consistency.
ii) 2-3 coats of matt emulsion thinned with water to normal working consistency.
1 (b). For previously white washed or distempered walls i). Old coatings of white wash or distemper should be removed by scrapping or wire brush and anything that remains should be bound using 2 coats of clear seal or penetrating primer and left to dry for 4 and 16 hours respectively.
ii)  a)previously painted walls should be sanded down and 2 coats of matt emulsion applied 16 hours between application of coats.
b) Otherwise apply 2-3 coats of matt emulsion.
2. Equipment cleaning Equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with water.