Two Pack Epoxy

Novel Paint - Two Pack Epoxy


It is a two component epoxy based enamel, highly resistant to chemical attack, with tremendous adhesion and resistance to both abrasion and impact. It is easy to apply and gives a waterproof film.

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Product Specification

Color Range Epoxy-primer light grey epoxy enamel-white, light grey turquoise and clear
Finish Full gloss
Spreading Capacity 8-10m2 per liter of mixture between the enamel and the hardener in the ratio of 3:1
Drying Time 6-8 hours
Uses Can be used where waterproof surface is desired
Application By brush or spary gun

Painting Instructions

1. Surface preparation Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from oil, rust and paint. Aluminum sheet must be treated with a solution containing 1% phosphoric acid and then cleaned with water. Priming For metal, a coat of epoxy primer mixed with hardener should be applied. Primer should not be sanded due to lead content For wood and concrete, the first coat should be thinned with 10% epoxy thinner. Apply 2-3 heavy coats of epoxy enamel mixed with hardener, allowing 24 hours drying time between all coats
2. Thinning and mixing Should be thinned with epoxy thinner
3. Both epoxy primer and enamel should be mixed with hardener in the ratio of 2 parts primer or enamel to 1 part hardener by volume. Epoxy clear should be mixed with hardener in the ratio of 3 parts clear to 2 parts hardener by volume.
4. Equipment cleaning Equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with Epoxy thinner