Super Gloss

Novel Paint - Super Gloss


It is manufactured from high quality light fast pigments dispersed in an alkyd is formulated to provide maximum durability with high gloss level and excellent gloss retention. It is ideal for use on new and previously painted wood, metal, brick, stone etc. It offers excellent opacity, protection and flexibility. Suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces and to be applied over appropriate primer and undercoat.


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Product Specification


Color Range A wide range of colors.
Finish Full-gloss
Spreading Capacity 10-14 per liter
Drying Time Recoatable after 4 hours
Uses Can be used on plaster, stone as well as timber and should be stirred well.
Application By brush, spray gun or roller


Painting Instructions

1. Thinning and mixing Thin with white spirit
2. Surface Preparation Surface must be clean, dry and sound. All loose and flaking paints must be removed.
3 (a). On new wood pinkwood primer
3 (b). On steel zinc chromate primer.
3 (c). On galvanized steel, zinc and alloy metals zinc phosphate primer
4. If undercoat is desired Use hi-opacity undercoat. Finish off with 2 coats of trade gloss.
5. Equipment cleaning Equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with white spirit