Novacryl 2K Acrylic

Novel Paint - Novacryl 2K Acrylic


Novacryl 2K Acrylic is an air drying, 2-component Acrylic offering excellent gloss retention. It is also a low-bake system that can be force dried to reduce processing times.

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Product Specification

Color Range A wide range of colors.
Finish Silky sheen finish
Spreading Capacity 8 – 10 m²/l per coat
Drying Time Recoatable after 4 hours
Uses It is used for refinishing automotive vehicles in general, or whenever a high quality finish is required. This includes use as a topcoat in cases where high gloss retention is required. Also used for the re-coating and repairing of commercial and passenger vehicles providing a superior appearance and exterior durability
Application Spray. Brush may also be used for lower quality jobs.

Painting Instructions

1. Thinning and mixing Thin with Motocryl 2K Acrylic Thinner.
2 (a). Mixing Ratio (By Volume) 4 parts Motocryl 2K Acrylic enamel: 1 part Motocryl 2K Acrylic Hardener: 1 part Motocryl 2K Acrylic Thinner (by volume).
2 (b). Mixing This product is highly susceptible to moisture and should be mixed/stored in dry, non-humid conditions. After mixing base, hardener and thinner in the correct ratio, allow to stand for 5-7 minutes for bubbles/effervescence to subside, before use.
3. Hardener contains isocyanate Ensure adequate ventilation and good booth extraction when spraying and put on respirator.
4. Equipment cleaning After use, remove as much product as possible, and then clean immediately with 2K thinner.