Novel Paints Ltd is a paint manufacturing company, specializing in decorative & automotive paint, it was established in 2001 by the late Khalif Maalim, who was a prominent expert in the industry. Having had the opportunity to work for over 30 years with other high profile paint companies as a Technical director, he developed great interest and invaluable knowledge in the line of paint manufacturing. Novel paints was borne out of this passion.

We manufacture a wide range of products including; decorative paints, automotive finishes, epoxy paints, varnishes, primers, thinners and adhesives.Over the years Novel Paints has had an upward dynamic in both product development and market share.

We are privileged to serve industry leaders such as Emkay Builders, Pyramid Builders,Golbo Construction Ltd ,Decoprime Ltd ,Eastline Construction Ltd,Mega Transporters,The Sudanese Embassy as well as medium sized contractors and distributers like Gurumessa Stores Kenya, Sky West Aviation,Commercial Motor spares,renown branding & decor firms such as Elevate Media,Going Platinum among others.

We are committed to providing the highest level of quality, through efficiency and continuous product and service improvement. We are confident that staying true to these commitments will create value to all our customers.

Hopefully, paint a brighter future for all our stakeholders.

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