Why us

 We are committed to making your experience authentically different. When it comes to us, customer service is not only a department but the whole company, with our staff always ready to genuinely assist

Quality products & services are the fabric of our organization .At Novel; quality is everyone’s responsibility, to deliver products fit for our customer’s varying needs. Every drop of paint is crafted with the ambition, passion & goal to not only meet but exceed your desired finish

We are extremely transparent; we promote a sincere customer service culture, involving you in every step throughout the transaction. From ordering to work in progress until completion to deliver service and products worth your happiness.

Fast response to order reception, order processing and delivery is at the core of all our strategies. We always resolve to handle queries and complaints in the same timely fashion.

In a world where commodity prices are aggravating without an equal match in quality, through our team’s intelligent efforts, we develop efficient strategies in operations to greatly minimize on cost without compromising on quality and with integrity; we fulfill the promise of affordability